Kenneth Webb and the Tec-Tank

The Exhibition was held in the RDS on the 13th to the 18th of December in the Serpentine Hall 3.  This is an exciting space of 40 x 30 m2 with room for 170 large paintings that were exhibited.  Many of these painting had never been exhibited before and are available for purchase for a decerning eye. There was plenty of room for exploring the new Technologies that Kenneth and his Grandson Donovan, have “cooked up”.

The event was a total success on all accounts.  Guests arrived with smiles and left with smiles.  The atmosphere was exceptional with people thanking us for the experience to see this amazing collection of Kenneth’s works.  The most often comment was how was it possible that at 92 Kenneth painted 12 new very large masterpieces with the energy of a 40-year-old.  Donovan’s fast forward videos were a testament to this energy.  Even Kenneth was amazed and commented to me “But they are fast forward”.   I offered to show him them at normal speed which is equally amazing.

The Tec-Tank was a great success as well and there is a video posted here which shows the full exhibition for those that missed it, which contains the Tec-Tank.  Those who came reached in and grabbed a poppy to take home.

There were many specialised events for invited guests hosted by ourselves and some of Kenneth’s most important Galleries as well as other entities who enjoyed being a part.  Charities such as “Our Lives Matter”, “St. James Hospital Foundation”, “Cancer Care West” and others participated and raised much needed finance.

Some of the unsold painting perhaps are still available so please contact us if you see something you are interested in and we can see if it is something we are still willing to sell.   Many of the paintings have been placed in the Kenneth Webb Foundation so that they will be available for the public in the future.